The Retap Accessories include 20 lid colours for the bottles, 6 different lid colours for the carafes, exclusive walnut lids and 5 different sleeve colours for the three bottle sizes.

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A protective sleeve with a good grip
The Retap Sleeves are made from a textile that smoothly follows the curves of the Retap Bottle. It's pleasant to hold and gives a good grip. The attached strap let you carry your bottle with you, on a finger or two.

The sleeve is available for all three Retap Bottle sizes in five colours; Black, Grey, Forest Green, Magenta and Light Blue.

The Retap Sleeve is made in Europe. It is made from eco-certified elastane that smoothly follows the curves of the bottle. It is pleasant to hold and gives a good grip.

Personalise your Retap product
To give your Retap Bottle or Carafe a personal touch, we have 20 different lid colours for all three bottle sizes and 6 different standard lid colours for the Carafes.

The lids are made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a material free from PVC, bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. We use the TPE material due to its low environmental impact compared to single-use plastic water bottle lids and because of its physical abilities. The advantage of using TPE is that the material is easy to recycle compared to for example silicone.

The lids are produced in Europe.

Exclusive, handcrafted Walnut wood lids
To give your Retap Bottle or Carafe an exclusive touch, the walnut wood lid is a perfect match. It is handcrafted by a traditional crafsman and each lid is unique and or excellent quality. It will fulfill the design and look of your Retap product.

The wooden lid does not seal tight and is thus very easy and convenient to take off, making it ideal for conferences, meeting rooms, restaurants and dinner table use.