Our Story

Our Story

Retap is a Danish hydration company founded in 2009. The idea started when three enthusiastic entrepreneurs were initially influenced by reading about the accumulation of plastic trash in our oceans consisting mainly of plastic bottles.

At the UN climate meeting back in 2009 in Copenhagen (COP 15), we became more aware of the negative impact of bottled water on our environment. We felt that something had to be done. We set our minds to designing a bottle especially made for drinking tap water. A year and many designs later in the summer of 2010, we released the Retap Bottle and we are very proud of this sustainable and beautiful product”, explains Lars Brøndum Petersen, one of the founders.

Besides finding a sustainable solution Retap also want to improve the experience of staying hydrated.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is an activity that deserves more attention. You drink water every day, so it should be an experience you enjoy. That's why Retap encourage awareness of the most relevant aspects of drinking water: your personal health, sustainability and great taste.

Water is the essence of life and should not be exploited in a way that harms the environment..

Retaps vision is to eliminate the pollution and waste created from single-use plastic bottles. We believe that the best way to drink water is by refilling reusable drinkware with tap water.

The Retap products include reusable bottles, carafes and water glasses made of strong borosilicate glass. The products are especially designed to drink tap water from, either filtered or from the tap. Using a Retap product is an easy, inexpensive and sustainable way to stay hydrated.