Iconic Design

Iconic Design

As a Danish brand, Retap follows the Scandinavian design tradition with its iconic and award-winning design.

Danish design icon
With three design awards (Good Design Award 2012, Red Dot Design Award 2011 and Promotional Gift Award 2011), Retap has become a design icon with its clean look and high-end craftsmanship. We value our heritage by improving and simplifying your everyday life through both beauty and functionality..

Scandinavian design is often synonymous with functionalistic minimalism, high quality and clean materials.

Simplicity is the keyword and the beauty is found in the pure lines. This is reflected in the Retap Drinkware with its classic design and high-quality material; the borosilicate glass that can be reused on and on.

The Retap products are especially designed to provide the best drinking experience possible. The clean and functionalistic design guarantees a great water flow and perfect drinking experience to keep you hydrated all day long.

The products fit into any setting and brings elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe, office desk, kitchen countertop or dinner table.